Best of Spring of Sustainability: Simran Sethi

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the largest sustainability education and engagement initiative ever – the Spring of Sustainability, which began March 26 and continued through June 22. The Spring of Sustainability brought the biggest names in sustainability to the world through half-hour daily teleconference presentations, one-day teleconference summits, live events, and telecourses. Each week, in the Best of Spring of Sustainability feature, we will review the highlights of one of our favorite episodes. If you like what you see, head on over to our upgrade page for a special offer to own the entire Spring of Sustainability series. Enjoy!

Sharing sustainability through storytelling

SWCoalition Simran SethiSimran Sethi is a celebrated journalist and associate professor at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She has contributed to shows for NBC Nightly News, CNBC, PBS, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and the Today Show and she currently is the founder and writer for Sundance Channel’s The Green.

Her talk emphasized the importance of storytelling and communication as a keystone to getting a variety of people involved with sustainability:

We need to be conscious of who we’re speaking to and learn their language. We need to adjust the story and framing of the message. It’s about meeting people where they’re at… And we have to come up with stories of joy and possibility. Together we can redefine our future through gratitude, celebration and connection..”

Overall, Sethi’s journey to the Midwest revealed to her a side of sustainability filled with hope and possibility which was reflected in her talk with us!




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