Best of Spring of Sustainability: Gary Malkin

Spring of SustainabilityThis past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the largest sustainability education and engagement initiative ever – the Spring of Sustainability, which began March 26 and continued through June 22.

The Spring of Sustainability brought the biggest names in sustainability to the world through half-hour daily teleconference presentations, one-day teleconference summits, live events, and telecourses.

Each week, in the Best of Spring of Sustainability feature, we will review the highlights of one of our favorite episodes. If you like what you see, head on over to our upgrade page for a special offer to own the entire Spring of Sustainability series. Enjoy!

gary malkin SWCoalition

For twenty years, Gary Malkin has created the soundtrack to accompany the environmental movement. From TED talks to the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, he has lent his immense talents to use music as a tool to rouse his audiences into action.

At last year’s Spring of Sustainability, entitled Restoring Inner Ecology: How Transformational Media is Seeding the Great Turning, Malkin introduced us to his company, Wisdom of the World. Through media projects, keynote presentations, workshops and performances, Malkin believes he can inflame the the hearts and minds of people around the globe to live more sustainable lives.

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