Spring of Sustainability Speaker: Vicki Robin

Sustainability is an extreme sport — meant to be lived, not just talked about.” This is the message best-selling author Vicki Robin brought to the Spring of Sustainability audience yesterday.

Robin, acclaimed author of Your Money or Your Life, has turned her attention in recent years to food – specifically, our ailing food systems and the benefits of eating locally as opposed to tapping the ubiquitous “corporatized food system.” Her soon-to-be-published book Blessing the Hands That Feed Us documents her experiment with a “10-mile diet” – eating food produced only within 10 miles of her home in Washington State.

“I linked my destiny with my place and felt like I belonged somewhere for the first time ever,” Robin told SoS listeners. “This gave me a sense of security that money can’t buy.”

Every place you turn when you commit yourself to your local food system, you realize that the system needs to change,” she said. Farming, for example, is dying off as an occupation. This must change. Local economies must be bolstered. Citizens must get to know – personally – the people who are producing their food. And everyone should begin producing as much of their own food as possible, via technologies like rooftop gardening and vertical gardening.

“Begin by becoming more indigenous,” Robin advised listeners. “Find a place you care about and life a life that shows it.”

Throughout the months of April, May, and June you have the opportunity to hear global environmental leaders share their wisdom and inspiration with a worldwide audience during the Spring of Sustainability – an annual series of interactive teleseminars comprising the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever.


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