Best of SoS: Climate Change: Creating a Climate of Change

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the 2nd annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS), the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever. SoS brought the “best and brightest” leaders in sustainability to the world through teleconference dialogues.

Each week, in our Best of SoS feature, we review one of our favorite episodes. Like what you see? Head over to our upgrade page for a special offer to own the entire Spring of Sustainability series. 

On April 11th on Spring of Sustainability, we featured an outstanding panel — Climate Change: Creating a Climate of Change — which was simultaneously alarming and hopeful.

windmills-1356390-mThe panel addressed this challenge from a global to a community and to a personal scale. We need a price put on carbon ASAP, as the most powerful driver of accountability for corporations around the world.

At the community level, there are many excellent models of innovations, partnerships and regulations that are driving a grassroots revolution; Sonoma, California is exemplifying this new movement with an aggressive commitment to community participation, efficiency and intelligent use of regulations and resources.

Finally, at the personal level, there are many things we can all do to make a substantive, measurable impact–changing to a plant-based diet, carpooling and cutting down on fossil fuel-powered transportation, and making sure we vote with our dollars–that we are buying products (and from the right companies) that do not cause further harm.

We also examined some of the systemic causes of the denial and resistance to change:

  1. We are not wired to think in the longterm–how generations to come will be affected.
  2. With the increasing pace and complexity of life, climate change is lost among a myriad of personal and global issues that we deal with.
  3. We do not perceive the changes as they are happening because they are too slow to be obvious (the “slowly boiling frog” situation).

In sum–we’re all called at this epic time to participate in the Great Turning, and there’s no time to waste!

To hear the rest of the panel and learn more about what you can do in this Great Turning, visit our upgrade page!

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