10 Solar Gadgets Must Haves for the Eco-Friendly Enthusiast

By Amanda Kostina

Solar ChargerSaving energy is a huge issue when it comes to protecting the planet. People who care for the Earth know that they must find ways to conserve energy so that the amount of non-renewable resource depletion and pollutants can decrease. The best way to do this is to use solar power. Solar power costs nothing, causes no harm to the environment, and is a renewable resource.

With this in mind, many companies have been developing unique and useful gadgets that are fueled by the sun. If you are looking for a gift for the eco-enthusiast in your life, or for yourself if you strive to live in the green, look no further! Here are ten amazing gadgets that can keep you fueled up for free.

  1. Solar Powered Kindle Cover – Arming your Kindle 4 with a solar cover means never having to worry about plugging it in to charge it. Spending just one hour out in the sun is enough to keep reading for three days! This cover is not only good for the environment but it is also lightweight and includes a built in reading lamp.
  2. The Sun Table – The Sun Table is an outdoor coffee table covered in solar panels. It has water proof caps that cover its electrical outlet to keep it safe in case of rain. Then, when you find you need to charge something or use something that requires electricity, you can plug your device in to your table. This can certainly come in handy during outdoor parties and barbecues!
  3. SunDanzer Solar Powered Refrigerators – Your refrigerator eats up more electricity than any other appliance in the home so it’s no wonder that NASA scientists developed a solar powered alternative. SunDanzer offers both chest style and upright refrigerators and freezers that will reduce both environmental damage and your energy bill.
  4. Sunvolt Mobile Chargers – From phone cases equipped with solar panels to do it yourself kits made from candy tins, there are many options out there for solar chargers for any item that uses a USB cable. The Sunvolt stands out because it can charge multiple devices, and it can do so as fast as plugging them into electrical outlets can. It even works on cloudy days.
  5. The Sun Oven – Also known as the box oven, this gadget allows you to cook anything and it only takes about twenty minutes longer than using the traditional oven. However, rather than using gas, electricity, or even propane, the Sun Oven utilizes only the sun. Users say that food cooked this way is moister and tastier, too.
  6. Soulra XL Sound System – This sound system has a dock for your iPhone or iPod, an input for additional devices, and a huge, seventy-two inch solar panel that can charge for up to eight hours of continuous playback.
  7. Offgrid Solar Backpack – The Offgrid Solar Backpack has a removable solar panel so that it can charge your electronics while on the go. It also has many handy, padded pockets to fit all of your devices.
  8. Steripen SideWinder UV Water Purifier – This water purifier uses the sun and hand power to purify up to a liter of water in as little as ninety seconds.
  9. EnerPlex Sufr Phone Cases – EnerPlex has developed solar powered cases for your iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy that have solar panels along the backs. This can keep your smart phone charged without having to use any electricity.
  10. Solar Waterproof Flashlight – LL Bean offers a stylish solar powered flashlight in your choice of color. It can charge in the sun or under a lamp and will provide up to twelve hours of light.

These gadgets are wonderful for practical reasons and everyday use. They reduce the financial cost as well as the environmental burden that is caused by using energy sources that are unclean and expensive. Aside from that, these items are also fun to have and, in most cases, quite stylish. They can also prove fundamental in the case of an emergency where no other energy source is available. In the case of a storm that causes you to lose power or getting lost out in the woods, these are the items you’d be glad to have!


This post was originally published in WhiteFence Savings on September 23, 2013.

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