Best of SoS: Women in Sustainability

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the 2nd annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS), the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever. SoS brought the “best and brightest” leaders in sustainability to the world through teleconference dialogues.

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On May 9th on Spring of Sustainability, we featured a rousing panel on Women in Sustainability. It was hosted by Jill Buck, founder of the Go Green Initiative, billed as the largest and fastest growing comprehensive environmental education program in the world.

Jill and 4 other powerful women leaders made the case that theempowerment of women is fundamental to resolving the huge issueswe now face. They walk their talk in their respective corporations and organizations, and are great models of what’s possible.

We learned that when women are making the decisions (in a family, a community or a country), children’s health and education improves, and there is measurable economic and social progress.

Women are critical to food production worldwide. Water issues need the inclusion of women at the table because they are fully involved with its use.

80% of consumer goods are purchased by women–they have the power of the purse and should be making decisions.

In general, women are the most affected by policies, yet their voices are usually the least heard. They must be allowed access to positions of power and leadership.

In UN climate negotiations, many countries have pledged to work for achieving a gender balance. There was an unprecedented equality of power, voice and opportunity at these hearings.

It’s important to realize the strengths of women and say it out loud. The values they bring – of nurturing, receptivity, relationship, inclusivity, long-term thinking, and honoring of nature are needed now more than ever.

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