Best of SoS: Cleanweb and Climate Change

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the 2nd annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS), the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever. SoS brought the “best and brightest” leaders in sustainability to the world through teleconference dialogues.

Each week, in our Best of SoS feature, we review one of our favorite episodes. Like what you see? Head over to our upgrade page for a special offer to own the entire Spring of Sustainability series. 

On May 16th on Spring of Sustainability, we featured an informative panel on Cleanweb and Climate Change. Cleanweb is the arena of innovations that make powerful and creative use of the Internet – to revolutionize many actions within daily life to protect the environment.

One example is the Scoot Network, a company in San Francisco that provides electric scooters on a shared basis. This is a fun and convenient way to get around the city with which you can “jump on and jump off,” allowing for easy connection with other transportation modes like buses and light rail. It’s cheap to use, very efficient ($4 a month to charge) and reduces fossil fuel use.

Another example is Carrotmob, based on the idea of using a carrot (incentive) rather than a stick (boycotting) – thus rewarding positive change rather than punishing negative policies. Thus, in exchange for a commitment from a business (such as a café or clothing outlet) to creating more sustainable practices, people who are participating in the campaign agree to do their shopping there, thus giving the business a nice incentive – and some cash – to make the changes.

These and many other creative innovations using the web are giving people new alternatives for actions they take everyday which are convenient, save money, and are helping to save the planet. They often foster more people-to-people connections, more of a resource-sharing mentality, and an opportunity to do routine things in creative new ways.

The cleanweb arena is on its way to the mainstream, and is set to explode, both in the US and around the world.

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