Best of SoS: John Trudell

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the 2nd annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS), the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever. SoS brought the “best and brightest” leaders in sustainability to the world through teleconference dialogues.

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JohntrudellFromInternetOn May 21st on Spring of Sustainability, we were in conversation with John Trudell, the legendary Native American activist and more recently a successful recording artist and activist for hemp legalization.

John made the point that there are 400 treaty law agreements between the US and Native American tribes. According to him, every one of those has been broken. If they were upheld, it would give tribes sovereignty over their land, rather than having them be at the mercy of oil and mining companies and others.

If this issue were addressed it would “make things right.” The American government is breaking the law by not obeying the legal treaties. People don’t understand that; they focus on the parts but no one is focusing on the solution, which is simply obeying the law. Either we are a nation of laws or we aren’t; in this respect, America is not a nation of laws.

Turning to the subject of industrial hemp, his current focus, John called it “medicine for the earth,” a real game changer. It is used for fuel, clothing, paper, medicine, rope, and many other uses – a true miracle plant.

It’s illegal only due to its opponents – those in industries who’s profits would be threatened by its use – intentionally associating it with marijuana. The truth is that the THC content of hemp is negligible. Yet this bogus association has kept it from being used at all in the US, even though it’s been used for thousands of years by many civilizations.

Hemp has huge potential for helping the environment and reducing greenhouse gases, and we need to do all we can to overturn this blatant misuse of the law.

His website, has information on legalizing hemp and links to learn more and take action.

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