Best of SoS: Making Change Irresistible

This past spring, Sustainable World Coalition co-produced the 2nd annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS), the largest virtual sustainability gathering ever. SoS brought the “best and brightest” leaders in sustainability to the world through teleconference dialogues.

Each week, in our Best of SoS feature, we review one of our favorite episodes. Like what you see? Head over to our upgrade page for a special offer to own the entire Spring of Sustainability series. 

On May 23rd on Spring of Sustainability, we featured a creative and engaging panel with 4 story-meisters on Making Change Irresistible: Getting Your Story Straight. How to give sustainability a personal and inspiring story – a human face – is key to our ability to make it compelling for everyone to be a green and caring global citizen.

It’s clear that our ability to change humanity’s trajectory from one of environmental catastrophe to one of healing – and to do so rapidly and massively – will depend on our ability to communicate in a clear and inspiring way.

We explored the personal stories of people around the world, as well as from our own children and our concern for them in a threatened world. We acknowledged that coming from urgency and fear in our messaging has not worked (even though it’s true we’re in an emergency) – which is taking a code red approach.

The code green approach, however, is about the huge opportunities we now have to create a new human society based on sustainability principles – one of sharing resources, building community, and protecting the commons.

We also learned the 4 “C’s” of successful stories that go viral – if they are:Concise, Compelling and Credible, then they will be Contagious. We also heard examples of how telling a personal story about your own experience (for example, what you saw while traveling in Africa) will make a much bigger – and lasting – emotional impact than reciting statistics and studies.

If we can get the story right, we will accelerate the Great Turning beyond our wildest dreams.

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