Civilization Doesn’t Mean Clean Water to Drink

By Madoline Hatter

Those who live within the confines of a city believe that they are living in a civilized world. Although they try to live as best they can with those around them, what exactly entails civilization? Is it the ability to interact with each other in a certain manner? Perhaps civilization is directly influenced by the technology that fills those lives. Regardless of how you view civilization, the term doesn’t mean that there is clean water to drink.

Poisonous Cities – There are many cities around the United States that have populations of 10,000 or more that utilize water that is incredibly harmful to drink. For example, the EPA has placed sanctions on the city of Sterling, Colorado in order to reduce the uranium content that is within the water supply. Forcing the city to build a water treatment plant that can handle the amount of poisons in the water supply, the city of Sterling had increased the water bill of every household by $50. This means that the majority of the population is paying twice for water that they shouldn’t be drinking so the city could build this treatment plant. Is that method of maintaining a social infrastructure civilized? No votes or public discussion had been implemented.

In the Home – Did you know that a family of five can consume more than 350 gallons of water per day just by using the bathroom faucets and toilet? With every flush, shower or personal hygiene task within the bathroom, hundreds of gallons of water are discarded from each house. This isn’t including the dishes, laundry, yard and other nuances that make “civilized” life bearable. Considering that there are people in the world that can’t find a single gallon of safe drinking water, how is this waste civilized? It’s easy to take water for granted when it comes freely out of any faucet in your home.

Other Wastes – With the develop of fracking, millions of gallons of water are utilized in order to pull oil and gasses out of the Earth’s crust for civilization. Because humanity is dependent on fossil-fuels for nearly every aspect of life, humans blast away at the Earth with four to eight million gallons of water each time. Every cleaning solvent depends on water as a component. Nearly every manufacturing plant requires water for various purposes in order to produce goods that sit on a shelf in the store. Car wash facilities can dispose of more than three to five gallons of water per minute of use. How many of those facilities are being utilized in cities?

Capitalize on Water – The developments of civilization to promote the supply of fresh water are based more on commercialism instead of socialism. It’s the propagation of turning a profit with fresh water that is the driving force of innovation, not human longevity. Actually, this has been an ongoing aspect of humanity for centuries. Civilization seems only available to those who can afford such.

When looking at the dire need the population of the planet is in for fresh water, just how civilized are those within the city limits? With as much waste that is conducted on a daily basis, how much emphasis is actually placed on living a better lifestyle than those that are less fortunate? The lack of drinkable water is reaching epic proportions, but don’t worry – civilization will find a way to thrive.

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