Sustainable Gift Giving

By Marlena Norwood

christmas-decoration-and-gifts-1433231-mNow that Thanksgiving festivities have ended, the season of gift giving has officially started. So, what are you going to get for the special people in your life?

Instead of giving generic gifts or ones that will go out of style, give sustainability. Gifts that promote sustainability and the environment will NEVER go out of style, and they’ll keep on giving back to the world. Let’s look at some gift options for your family and friends this holiday season:

Ages 3-12

Is your son, daughter, niece, or nephew an animal lover? Many different wildlife organizations will let you “adopt” a wild animal. There are approximately 3,200 tigers left in the wild around the world. Adopt a tiger from the World Wildlife Fund in the name of your special youngster. Adoption packages range from $25-250 with stuffed animals, photographs, adoption certificates and more – a perfect gift for your animal lover that lets them know they’ve made a difference.

Ages 13-17

Do you know a sporty teenager? Lots of kids these days are two- and three-sport athletes! Regardless of the sport, every athlete needs water to keep them hydrated all day long. Get them an awesome water bottle that not only promotes sustainability, but also helps those in need. MiiR sells $25 customizable water bottles and a percentage of those proceeds are funneled into clean water projects for developing nations. What’s even cooler is that they notify you when your funds have been used to let you know exactly what project you contributed to!

Ages 18-24

Do you know a young adult who’s a vegetarian? It’s not too difficult to find vegetarian food to eat throughout the day, but when it comes to cooking dinner for a dinner party, things can get a little tricky. Help them out with one of these hardback vegetarian cookbooks from Amazon. Not only will it spark their creativity when cooking meals, but it will serve as a meaningful centerpiece in their kitchen.

Ages 25-59

cooking-1424521-mAll homeowners (and new homeowners especially) appreciate functional household items as gifts. Go one step further and check out what Eartheasy has to offer. They sell sustainable products that range from kitchen appliances and accessories to bedroom pillows. Any adult who appreciates sustainability will appreciate one of these functional gifts.

Ages 60+

Can’t think of what to get Grandma or Grandpa? Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Make one of these DIY sustainable crafts from Pinterest with your child to give to the grandparents. Ideas range from recycled picture frames and vases to wall décor and handbags. Grandma and Grandpa will cherish anything their grandchild makes, and its sustainability will make it that much more meaningful!

Remember these ideas when shopping for your loved ones and share them with your friends and family to spread sustainable gift giving this holiday season!

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