E-waste on the Rise


Tackling the Electronic Waste Problem

Last year, the world produced nearly 54 million tons of electrical and electronic products, but only a fraction of it was reused, refurbished, or recycled. With a relatively short lifecycle, e-waste now litters dumpsites all over the world, exposing humans and the environment to toxic materials.

Some eco-conscious offices use industrial desks made mostly from recycled materials, while a number of homeowners have turned to reclaimed barnwood to create sustainable desks and entertainment centers. However, despite any sustainable intentions, there’s no stopping the constant influx of new and improved technology. In a world where a single year renders a cellphone obsolete, electronic waste is a big and growing problem.

Before you dump your smartphone in favor of the newest model, read on for more facts and figures about e-waste and how to properly dispose of your electronics.



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Original Article: http://www.custommade.com/blog/e-waste/

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