SWC Team

Vinit Allen, Founder and Executive Director

Vinit-headshot-thumbVinit is an educator and event producer, and has been an activist in the arenas of the environment, peace and human rights for about 30 years. He produced the Sustainable World Symposium twice in San Francisco and is a facilitator trainer for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. He was a delegate at the UN World Summit In Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002, where the Sustainable World Symposium and Sourcebook were conceived.

Rua Necaise, Assistant Administrator / Bookkeeper

Rua Necaise head shot

Rua Necaise is an educational administrator (since 1994) ensuring that the “office runs smoothly,” providing the Coalition with internal operations support. Having spent years in the integrated health industry, Rua’s interest in sustainability dovetailed perfectly when she joined the Coalition in 2009.

Project Partners

Renée Soule, Course Development / Instruction Affiliate 

Renee Soule

Renée Soule, PhD, has been a pioneer in the field of ecopsychology for over 25 years. She engages environmental crises as a positive, though challenging, evolutionary force for human and cultural development. Renée teaches Nonviolent Communication (NVC) at San Quentin Prison, is adjunct faculty at California Institute of Integral Studies, and teaches part-time at San Francisco State University. Her website is www.ecopsychologist.com


Sourcebook Editors

Sara Stroud, Managing Editor

Sara has writing about environmental issues since 2006, and is especially interested in bringing sustainability to the built environment. She lives in San Francisco.

Elizabeth Grossman, Editor

LizzieGrossman headshot

Elizabeth Grossman is the author of Chasing MoleculesHigh Tech TrashWatershed and otherbooks. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including Scientific AmericanYale 360Environmental Health PerspectivesThe Washington PostSalon and The Nation.

Former Editors

Stephanie “Slim” Russell, first edition
Shera Seaver, second edition
Kathy Glass, third edition
Jude Wait, third edition
Karen Chaffraix, third edition


Kathy Glass, Jude Wait, June Holte, Ellen Augustine, Jim Embry, Trathen Heckman, Michele Drivon, Rebecca Strong

Research Volunteers

Laura Baker, Jackie Braun, Ellen Hong, Jewel Snavely, Marn-Yee Lee, Sarah Wechsberg, Joan Olawski-Stiener, Trish Clifford, Tewa Heartsong, Suzie Ackford, Claire Borgeson, Alexandra Hart, Juan Pablo Obando, Peggi Erickson, Robert Bostick, Sue Thomas, Romola Georgia, Suzie Ackford, Jeff Leinaweaver, Bet Muth, Cristina Parks, Kate Forrest, Katie Aiello, Harmony Simes, Karen Motenko-Neal, Rebecca Snyder, Jimmy Luong, Michael Leao, Olivia Feinstein, Beth Vanden Heuvel, Madeleine Fisher, Teresa Fukuda, Jennifer Tang, Michelle Claudio, Chenye Liu, Hannah Han, Christie Zhang, Robert Edgar, Gabe Falzone, Monica Bunnay, Lei Kang, Molly Ehlers, Suzy Karasik, Sue Staropoli

Learning & Engagement Guide Editors

Lynne Michelson, Jody Bol, Joslyn Hamilton, June Holte, Geralyn Gendreau and Lyndie Kahanek