The Sustainable World Sourcebook

The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen:                             now in its 4th Edition

Sustainable World Sourcebook :: Publisher Vinit Allen

Publisher Vinit Allen on the Sourcebook

The 2014 edition of the International Book Award-winning Sustainable World Sourcebook is a “one-stop shop” to get readers up to speed quickly on the most essential information needed to alter our perilous global trajectory of resource depletion, species extinction, and extreme societal inequities.

Available in print, pdf, and e-book versions, The Sourcebook provides a sweeping overview of:

  • the major global issues we face
  • how they’re interrelated
  • the most promising solutions
  • actions each of us can take to make a meaningful contribution

The Sourcebook is concise, compelling and colorful, in an accessible magazine-style layout. It features an introduction by the brilliant Paul Hawken, as well as a resource directory of over 500 organizations dedicated to healing our planet.

And new for the 2014 edition, an “Explore and Engage” section at the end of every chapter — providing an interactive curriculum for use with the Sourcebook,  making its rich content come alive in your life.

The “Explore and Engage” sections – intended for a study circle, class, or practice community – connect your daily life choices with your impact on the world. Their questions for contemplation, themes for discussion, videos to watch, experiential activities and community action ideas provide diverse and inspiring ways to engage.  These make the Sourcebook perfect for students from late high school through college — and we offer special discounts on the Sourcebook for educators.)

Sustainable World Sourcebook :: Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist on the Sourcebook

A year and a half in the making, the 4th edition of the Sustainable World Sourcebook is the result of the coordinated work of dozens of researchers, writers and editors. Thousands of pages of information from authoritative sources have been synthesized down to 100 pages of the essentials on the critical challenges that humanity faces.

Included are lots of “What You Can Do” tips and pointers for specific action steps and personal engagement. And it’s packed with successful models and inspiring examples.

If you’re an educator, learn about our educators’ discount on the “Sourcebook for Teachers” page.

Value in Many Contexts

The Sustainable World Sourcebook offers unique value in a wide variety of contexts. Click on any of the following to discover how the Sourcebook can benefit:

This richly illustrated, beautifully designed, full-color manual addresses:

  • Environmental issues and their impacts, along with a prescription for rapid, large-scale change
  • Energy resources, peak oil, conservation and emerging technologies
  • The global financial crisis, economic transition, green jobs and sustainable business
  • Poverty, health, education, food security, and social justice
  • Local, sustainable communities and engaged citizens
  • Green lifestyle choices.