Sourcebook for Groups


The expanded 2014 Sustainable World Sourcebook, winner of the International Book Award, includes a new “Explore & Engage” activities section in each chapter, thus making it an ideal focus for many kinds of citizen groups that meet on a regular basis. These groups range from church service groups to book clubs to neighborhood enhancement meetings.

The Sourcebook offers the following benefits for group work:

  • Provides a sweeping overview of sustainability: from global (major issues and best solutions), to local (sustainable communities) to personal (what we can do to make a meaningful impact)
  • Concise format — less than 200 pages
  • Compelling readability — full color, user-friendly, magazine-style layout
  • Lots of “What you can do” bullet points
  • Robust resource directory of useful organizations and videos for further engagement

The “Explore & Engage” activities sections make each chapter of the Sourcebook come alive with questions for contemplation, themes for discussion, videos to watch, experiential activities and community action ideas.

Our new Engagement Circles program offers an easy, step-by-step process for convening an ongoing group — using the Sourcebook and Learning & Engagement Guide to deepen your understanding and get into action. To request a free Engagement Circles Facilitator Guide, click here.