Sourcebook for Individuals

reading_smallIf you’re like most people, you’re quite busy and need to be careful and selective in your use of time.

The International Book Award-winning Sustainable World Sourcebook, newly updated and expanded for 2014, was designed to get readers up to speed quickly with the information that’s essential for everyone to know at this critical time.

The book offers the following features for maximum usefulness:

  • Provides a sweeping overview of sustainability: from global (major issues and best solutions), to local (sustainable communities) to personal (what we can do to make a meaningful impact)
  • Concise format—only 100 pages
  • Compelling readability—full color, user-friendly, magazine-style layout
  • Lots of “What you can do” bullet points
  • Robust resource directory of useful organizations and videos for further engagement
  • New “Explore & Engage” section in each chapter offers a wealth of activities for deepening the learning and getting into action