Sustainable World Sourcebook – Print Edition

Brand new, expanded 2014 edition!
Print version
Includes new “Engage & Explore” activities section for each chapter

The new 2014 edition of the International Book Award-winning Sustainable World Sourcebook is a “one-stop shop” to get readers up to speed quickly on the most essential information needed to alter our perilous global trajectory of resource depletion, species extinction, and extreme societal inequities.

The Sourcebook provides a sweeping overview of:

  • the major global issues we face
  • how they’re interrelated
  • the most promising solutions
  • actions each of us can take to make a meaningful contribution

The Sourcebook is concise, compelling and colorful, in an accessible magazine-style layout. It features an introduction by the brilliant Paul Hawken, as well as a resource directory of over 500 organizations dedicated to healing our planet.