Past Presentations

All events on this page were produced by the Sustainable World Coalition in collaboration with other public service organizations, as noted below.

Past Events

In Collaboration With The Environmental Forum Of Marin

1 environmental forum of marin Making The Connections: Knowing The Implications Of Our Daily Choices

Vinit Allen presented, examining three daily activities: purchases, food choices, and information sources. His PowerPoint presentation can be requested free of charge.

Point Reyes Visitor Center (West Marin), “the Barn” Classroom

In Collaboration With The Foundation For Sustainable Development

2 world affairs council  Conservation, The Environment, And Sustainable Development

Panelists gave a global overview of the connections between environment, social justice, and economics. They addressed the challenges of working in conservation in developing countries, and the importance of creating sustainable solutions to protected areas.


Olin Cohan, founder of Universitarea Protegida, a project established in 2003 to work in partnership with Nicaraguan university students and local non-governmental organizations managing natural reserves. Olin will speak about the challenges of working in conservation in a developing country and the importance of creating sustainable solutions to protected areas.

Vinit Allen, founder of Sustainable World Coalition, producers of the Sustainable World Symposium in San Francisco. Vinit will give a global overview of the connections between environment, social justice and economics.

Alicia Robb (Moderator), Founder And Director of The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD).

The World Affairs Council
312 Sutter Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, Ca 94108
Info: 415/785-1888

In Collaboration With Ella Baker Center For Human Rights, Circle Of Life And Small Village Enterprises

3 un world environment day  Bridging The Social Justice & Environmental Movements

Community conversations about people and the environment in the Bayview/Hunters Point area and beyond. Dynamic, passionate panel discussion with community leaders, elders and youth, and special guests Van Jones and Julia Butterfly Hill. Networking with Bay Area non-profit organizations and lively Conversation Cafe discussions.


Van Jones is the founding director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, focusing on community solutions to youth incarceration.
Julia Butterfly Hill is the founder of Circle of Life, taking a stand for peace, justice and environmental sustainability.

Cedric Jackson Sr. Is president of the San Francisco Black Leadership Forum; and serves on the board of the NAACP as the chair of labor & industry.

Veronica Hunnicutt is Dean of Students at City College of San Francisco, Southeast Campus, and served on the Mayor’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee For Community Development.

Location: Southeast Community College,
Alex L. Pitcher Community Room
1800 Oakdale Ave. (At Phelps), San Francisco

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

4 sunrise center  Protecting The Rainforests And Their Tribal Custodians

The rainforests, the lungs of the earth, are absolutely crucial to survival of life on the planet. Home to the greatest biodiversity of plants and animals, much is at stake. Yet they are being destroyed at the breathtaking and incomprehensible pace of a “football field” per second. Oil, timber, mining companies and livestock outfits are all moving in as fast as they can. Protecting the indigenous tribes that inhabit them may be the single most effective strategy.

Speaker: David Tucker, Executive Director of the Pachamama Alliance. David addressed what can be done based on their own successes in working with the Achuar tribe in the rainforests of Ecuador.

Video: The Eagle And The Condor

Location: Sunrise Center
45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera
Info: 415-924-7824

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

5 sunrise center  Personal Sustainability:

Pointers & Principles For Lightening Our Impact

Here in the US, we have 5% of the world’s population, yet we consume 25-30% of the world’s natural resources. This situation is grossly out of balance and is having a dramatic effect on the rest of the world where billions are living in poverty, millions are starving, and many of the earth’s ecosystems are being destroyed at perilous and ever-accelerating rates. We must become conscious of what appropriate, sustainable use of resources is and how to adopt a lifestyle that truly models this awareness. This also extends to where our purchasing and investment dollars are going.

We all now have the responsibility of learning about sustainable living and doing our share! The fate of the earth does depend on us.

Speaker: Lawrence Axil Comras has been leading seminars and workshops focusing on the home as the spark for transformational personal and social change since 1998. He has lectured on greening the home as a spiritual activity at genesis farm, at the most recent earth day at new college, and given presentations to environmental leaders at the new cosmology retreat at the Santa Sabina center and the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) convention. Axil founded and runs Green Home:

Video: Escape From Affluenza

Location: Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

6 sunrise centerWhen The Whales Stopped Singing:

A Grassroots Effort To Protect Sea Life From Navy Sonars

The event combined documentary videos, reports of lobbying, audience question and answer, and storytelling and music.

The need for the natural quiet of oceans and the dangers of intense manmade sound was made clear.

The presentation enabled us to feel our deep connection with the web of life. From that sense of interconnection, right action to protect the things we love follows naturally. The use art and music further enhanced the experience.
Speaker: George Taylor is co-founder of Seaflow and a long time resident of Marin county, in California. Sheilah Glover, Seaflow board member, is an activist and well-known Marin artist, as a member of Nicholas, Glover and Wray, a vocal trio.

Location: Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

7 sunrise centerCampaign Finance Reform

Rescuing Democracy From The Hands Of Big Money

Many of us are aware of the common practice of large corporate campaign contributions in the expectation of favored treatment by politicians — essentially bribery. The extent of the buy-off is staggering, and until we can reform this process, we will not have a government that truly represents the people or that protects the environment. This is a real “tipping point” issue that will unlock many other needed reforms.

Speaker: Gary Krane, founder of Fair Elections.

Videos: two complementary Bill Moyers documentary videos. The first, free speech for sale: taking back our democracy, clarifies how powerful corporations, with large monetary resourses, control legislation, public officials, and voters, thereby stripping us of our democracy and free speech. The second video inspires us by demonstrating a constitutional solution to this problem of money and politics.

Location: Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

8 sunrise centerUnderstanding Global Warming

Global warming is now known to be causing a great deal of destruction and desertification around the globe, and scientists know that this is only the very beginning:  average temperatures have increased about 1º F and are expected to rise between 3º And 11º by the end of the century. Computer models indicate tremendous upheaval and now even indicate the possibility of an ice age within just decades.

Expected effects include: rapidly spreading diseases, plant and animal range shifts and population changes, coral reef bleaching and die-off, heavy snowfalls, downpours and flooding, droughts and fires. There is a lot that can be done, but we must make it a collective priority.

Speaker: Edward Mainland has been part of the Sierra Club’s National Global Warming Forum for the past several years, and served as vice-chair, Sierra Club Task Force on Global Environmental Security And Survival. He is a local advocate for Cities For Climate Protection (International Council On Local Environmental Initiatives), and is a co-founder of Sustainable Novato.

Video: powerful documentary that shows the many destructive effects of global warming in a way that heightens the awareness and increases motivation to insist on solutions.

Location: Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera

In Collaboration With Sunrise Center

9 sunrise centerHydrogen One:

The Answer To The Sustainable Energy Revolution

Hydrogen is a long term solution to our energy needs. Oil will be depleted within our lifetime. Efforts to achieve our energy goals need to begin now. Mr. Bar-Gadda explained the background of our present energy emergency, covering the impact of global warming and fossil fuel pollution. He concluded with a vision of the future world powered by hydrogen.

Speaker: Ronny Bar-Gadda has worked with new energy technologies ever since his first job with Exxon (now Exxon-Mobil) where he was Exxon’s first manager for the alternative energy production from biomass program. At Exxon, Ronny invented the first garbage-to-gasoline process. He has since started three companies, the latest (Bar-Gadda, LLC) concentrating on his latest invention to produce cheap hydrogen from water.

Video: dynamic, inspiring and fast moving documentary that explores alternative fuels and vehicles currently available in the us, Germany, Japan and Canada. This video brings to light the importance of eliminating petrochemical fuel, and features the heads of rocky mountain institute, Worldwatch and other key organizations.

Location: Sunrise Center

45 San Clemente, Suite C-200, Corte Madera