Telecourses (2)

Essential Knowledge for Empowered Action

Announcing a profound, new kind of sustainability experience – a virtual multi-media telecourse, featuring world-class leaders in sustainability, that:

  • deepens your understanding of all major global issues and their interconnections — offering the biggest-picture view imaginable
  • immerses you in a conscious community that shares your values
  • engages your head, your heart, and your hands
  • supports you in taking positive action toward planetary healing

First, there was the Sustainable World Sourcebook — a one-stop shop for all the major global issues, their most promising solutions, and what you can do to help. The Sourcebook is the winner of the 2011 International Book Award, Environment Category.

Next we created the companion Learning & Engagement Guide. Its questions for contemplation, themes for discussion, videos to watch, experiential activities and community action ideas engage both the mind and the heart. They make the Sourcebook come alive.

The Thrive Course, offered this summer (July 9 – Aug. 27) in conjunction with The Shift Network, is a multi-media telecourse featuring top leaders in sustainability, including Randy Hayes, Sharif Abdullah, and Andrew Harvey. The Thrive Course immerses you in community while you deepen your understanding of the state of the world and discover what’s uniquely yours to do. Based on the Sourcebook and Learning & Engagement Guide, this highly interactive experience is being offered as a follow up to the largest sustainability education initiative ever, the Spring of Sustainability.

And for a limited time, if you sign up for The Thrive Course, you’ll receive the entire digital library of Spring of Sustainability recordings at no extra charge — a $147 value!

Facilitated by eco-psychologist pioneer and professor Renee Soule, the course includes a weekly 90-minute conference call, an online forum, and dozens of provocative, intriguing individual and group activities. It offers experiences that can change your life while you work with your classmates to contribute to solutions to our most pressing issues, from local to global.

This rich 7-week multi-media, deep-community experience is available for $197. For more information and to register, check out the full description here — or contact us.