From the Ground Up!  

Sustainability as a Transformative Experience: 8-Week Telecourse

Announcing a profound, new kind of sustainability experience – a virtual multi-media telecourse, featuring world-class leaders in sustainability, that:

  • deepens your understanding of all major global issues and their interconnections — offering the biggest-picture view imaginable
  • immerses you in a conscious community that shares your values
  • engages your head, your heart, and your hands
  • supports you in taking positive action toward planetary healing 


Sustainability is not a static state or firm destination; it is a way of life, a verb, even a living prayer. Committing to sustainability is a daily gritty devotion to what is possible, to the best in oneself and in humanity. It involves consistent wakefulness to both the living needs of our vibrant organic world and to one’s inner urgencies and insights; to the world of soul and destiny.

Crises in the external world call to “destiny within”—the seeds of possibility we each carry, our unique gifts for and from our world.

Understood in this light, sustainability as an engaged practice is more than recycling and bicycling. It is a beautiful, if sometimes confusing, dance between inner and outer dimensions of life, synchronized by the evolutionary possibilities inherent of one’s time, place, and context. It changes your life and the lives of those around you. Sustainability means saying yes to evolution, yes to that journey, and yes to all the yes’s required of us.

In honor of this journey, Sustainable World Coalition has created an eight-week virtual adventure called “From the Ground Up!” Our intention is to build on the inspiration from the Spring of Sustainability and to dive into sustainability as a transformative and adventuresome practice.

For eight weeks, we commit to work at our growing edges. Equally important are structures of support, where we gently but firmly hold each other accountable to what wants to be made real in our lives. We will also embark on weekly adventures that deepen our sustainability practices, awareness and capacities to promote change in our world.

Guided by SWC’s in-house ecopsychologist, Renée Soule, we will gather for weekly teleconferences to discuss the previous week’s themes and explorations with each other and invited Guests.

For info on pricing and dates for the next telecourse, email 



This course provides sacred information indispensable for the survival of our species. Please support it in any way you can.

Andrew Harvey, mystical scholar
Founder, Institute for Sacred Activism


I highly recommend this course, whether you are just learning about sustainability or are looking for a way to refresh and refocus your deep green activism. It is an excellent, succinct, practical guide to the interconnected problems facing our society, and the alternative, possible solutions on both a personal and societal level. The fantastic speakers, thought-provoking explorations, and in-depth discussions deepen and enrich the experience.

Beth Remmes, Founder of


The course sheds new and important light on the concept of sustainability.  Rather than staying at surface levels, the sessions invite participants to go deeper, questioning the very nature of society. The course contributes to the notion that lies close to my heart: that, together, we can create a world that works for all beings.

Sharif Abdullah, Director, The Commonway Institute
Creating a World That Works For All


There was a wonderful sense of community created by the course – and this is what I had hoped for. My buddy discussions were a highlight for me, bringing new insights and deepening my contemplation.

Cynthia Frisch

My deepest gratitude for all your love and wonderful facilitation of this course. It was truly enriching!

Jesus Nebot


I broadened my experience of connecting with a small group and hearing from people all over the world who were committed to their own education and awareness around issues that most of the world is closing their eyes to. The love and courage and community was palpable on every call. The buddy calls added joy and purpose to my day. And the content was just great – I liked how I could do as much or as little as I had time for, but I always ended up doing way more than I thought I would.

Gabrielle Sundra

I appreciated so much about this course:  the wealth of resources offered in the form of videos, articles, blogs, etc.; having the opportunity to work through the Sustainable World Sourcebook in its entirety; sharing the experience with others on this path; using different techniques/ways of processing the information during the calls; the buddy system. The role playing was really helpful as I realized taking on the role of an activist will be a work in progress.

Elaine Lengyel

I broadened my awareness about sustainability and very much enjoyed the course and the participation of the group. The group discussions and the role plays were fantastic learning tools.

Elizabeth Weinberg

Presented by talented and knowledgeable facilitators, this course begins with a deep exploration of the context within which we find ourselves, addressing the essential questions of where we are, how we got here, what’s possible for the future and where we can go from here. The conference calls, online forums and buddy meetings anchor a weekly focus that stretches from this base of understanding into exploring possibilities to heal the web of life.

Natalie Janovak