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  1. David Kantz

    I’m suggesting re-doing and re-releasing your introductory social media video offering these 3 guides:
    … 1) You’re putting way too much emphasis on the “if we don’t change we’re doomed” sentiment. Most of those of us who want to read this source book already agree with you about that. And those of us that disagree aren’t going to have their hearts and minds changed by being reminded yet again. As Nic Marks reminded us: Martin Luther King Jr. did not say “I have a nightmare”. What we want is to know how to envision the dream (not to revisit the nightmare).
    … 2) Your video personna is unfortunately rigid. We’re way more interested to have you share some more about what’s in the actual book rather than having the camera mostly on you.
    … 3) Your citing Lynne Twist and Marianne Williamson are excellent. And Marianne’s is exactly the sort of spirited personna you might be able to call upon for assistance with creating a much more engaging introductory video — which I think might be advised to keep at no more than 2:30 minutes.
    …. ….. ….. I’m no expert. I’m just sayin’ ….

  2. Becky Logan

    Just in time, I just completed a course from University of Florida on Global Energy, Past, Present, and Future. It was great. I’m looking for to receiving this resource book to keep the momentum going.
    Haymarket, VA

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