Midwest Book Review

As the world’s population increases, placing an ever-higher demand on dwindling natural resources, repositories of knowledge such as the Sustainable World Sourcebook become increasingly invaluable for policymakers and laypeople alike. Highly recommended.

Peter Russell, author The Global Brain and Waking up In Time

Comprehensive, concise, and clear, the Sustainable World Sourcebook is essential reading for anyone concerned about the fate of humanity. With practical examples of steps we can each take towards a more sustainable lifestyle, this book is not only informative but personally empowering.

John Robbins, bestselling author of Diet for a New America

I so appreciate the Sourcebook. I’m proud of you for your commitment and your tenacity. It’s a work of art, love, and wisdom.

Charles McGlashan, Former Supervisor, County of Marin, CA

This very helpful manual is full of useful ideas and policies that our engaged citizens can use for their action. It helps in terms of what we need to know and how we can make a difference.

Jim Embry, Director, Sustain Lex — Sustainable Communities Network

A box of the Sourcebooks just arrived today..and it is just beautiful!! I really like how you all wove the numerous articles written by various people together…to create a greater synthesis…rather than individual names by individual articles. Really and truly Grand work!!!

Dr. Steve English, Charlotte, NC

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! Everybody I know needs this book–thank you so much for co-creating this beautiful epistle! And thank you from all of the little creatures, plants, spores, caterpillars, and all children of all beings, from all of those who have no voices.

Marianne Williamson, bestselling author and international speaker

We’re challenged at this critical moment in history to change our thoughts and behavior in significant ways. What we don’t know sometimes is exactly what to do and how to do it. That’s why I love The Sustainable World Sourcebook: it tells us everything we need to know to create a healthier, more just and more peaceful world. It’s a guidebook for going from unaware consumer to passionate world citizen.